Young-Ye Cho Designs a Seal That Turns Into a Straw

 - Jul 10, 2011
References: yankodesign & newtech-enews
In a world where we are always looking to improve productivity, designer Young-ye Cho has found a resourceful way to improve a simple plastic screw-on cap for one-time-use bottles. I am an advocate for the green initiative and my carbon footprint is relatively small, but I still prefer to use straws.

These functional plastic caps work to ensure freshness in prepackaged drinks and even convert into a useable straw. With this need in the market for such a product, it certainly helps those of us who feel the need to enjoy our drinks with straws. Never again will you be stuck without a straw or accidentally dribble your drink down your face and neck. Never again will you embarrass friends and family at dinner or in public, and you’ll have Young-ye Cho to thank for that.