Yang Liu's Infographic Shows the Dichotomy Between East and West

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: bsix12 & designtaxi
Having lived in both China and Germany, Yang Liu has seen the best -- and worst -- of both worlds.

In a series of infographic illustrations that highlight the differences and seeming dichotomy between the two cultures, Yang Liu compares the outlook on various facets of life between the east and the west. For one, her infographic shows that those living in the east seem to live a dependent coexistence, while those in the west are more independent. Perhaps because of this, the "size of the individual's ego" in the west is larger than it is in the east.

While the "ideal of beauty" in both cultures is the same, other lifestyle cultures, such as our attitudes towards punctuality (right on time in the west; plus or minus 15 minutes in the east), how to interact at a party (in small groups as opposed to one large homogenous group) vary. A hilarious stereotype of how the Chinese and Germans perceive each other seem to reinforce heavy stereotypes of each -- the Germans viewing the Chinese as long-bearded tea drinkers, while the Chinese viewing the Germans as mustached sausage consuming beer drinkers.