Xam Etches Intricate Designs onto Custom Tattoo Machines

 - Feb 27, 2012
References: royalmachinery.blogspot & inkbutter
Xam is a tattoo artist for The Family Business Tattoo Shop in London, England, but rather than etching his impressive designs onto skin, he’s instead engraved them onto the tattoo machines themselves. There’s no longer a single inch left in a tattoo shop that isn’t adorned with kickass artistry.

Xam often engraves images that are evocative of Japanese and traditional Americana body art. It’s easy to envision his work on people’s arms, legs and torsos, but instead, it's imprinted on durable metals rather than frail skin. By customizing tattoo machines, he’s given other tattoo artists an outlet to express themselves. It won’t be long until every tattoo machine out there features unique artwork as awesome as Xam’s creations.

You can find more crazily patterned skin scarrers on Xam’s personal blog.