This WWF Promotional Video Mirrors Urbanites to the Environment

 - Jul 27, 2011
References: thisiscolossal
This exceptional WWF promotional video is truly an inspiration.

WWF has recently released this featured video entitled 'The World is Where We Live.' The stunning short explores and contrasts urban environments with rural and uninhabited ones. Similar scenes are placed next to one another to juxtapose the environments, and also to emphasize the similarity between human and animals. Viewers can see a mother cradling her child on one half of the screen, and an Orangutang mother doing the same on the right.

This WWF promotional video definitely proves how close humans are to their animal companions.

Implications - Society has become so saturated with commercial advertisements that consumers have become desensitized to their messages. They now pay attention to commercials that contain content that is unique for its atypical compositions and insightful messagse.