Worth1000 Contest Shows What the Future of Film Looks Like

 - Sep 22, 2009
References: worth1000 & gearfuse
Movie makers have no more ideas, which is the reason behind the Worth1000 contest. Since many of the 'new' films we see today are just sequels or remakes, and the 6th version of a very worn movie idea, Worth1000 is asking savvy Photoshoppers to enter their "Future Films" contest.

The aim of the Worth1000 contest is to show off what a remake or sequel of a current popular movie might look like in the future. Apparently, many of us think that the movies will be the same, just with older stars. Steve Carell will star in ‘The 80 Year-Old Virgin,' Will Smith will sport a sraggly grey beard as a retired super hero and Kristen Stewart is just a skull with hair for ‘Dimlight’—which I guess is the reimagined version of Twilight.