This Infographic Looks at Some of the Most Bizarre World Festivals

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: all-that-is-interesting
This infographic provides an overview on some of the weirdest world festivals that happen throughout the year. The festivals are unusual, but some of these rituals have been carried on for so long, it would break tradition not to indulge in these strange activities.

Some of the bizarre rituals that will be taking place this month in February include the Battle of the Oranges in Italy and the Hadaka Matsuri in Japan, which translates to "naked festival," which involves stripping down to almost nothing and being blessed with temple water for purification in the new year.

Some other unusual annual world events include cheese rolling competitions in England, wife-carrying in Finland and the Money Buffet in Thailand, which has chefs prepare a giant feast for monkeys to eat and have people look on.