The 3rd Annual World Crap Surfing Championship was Eccentric

 - Jun 11, 2012
References: youtube & blog.chillisauce
This year in the spirit of Diamond Jubilee, the 3rd Annual World Crap Surfing took place at Praa Sands (pronounced pray), Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Over the long Diamond Jubilee weekend, the event had everyone from super cool surfing grandpas, crazy young twenties and naughty kids. I hear you are wondering: so... the winner would be crowned the crappiest surfer ever? Yes. Average rules don't apply to this championship which is measured on "the most amount of effort, for the least amount achieved." Despite of being one of the most eccentric competition around the world, this whole event is meant to bring all the surf lovers together and provide an opportunity for surfers of all abilities to express their passion and love for surfing so that even crap surfers won't miss out the thrill of riding on the waves.

The winner hatched from this year's championship is Robert Dawson-Goodey from Chillisauce. It was his first time running for this event, but, as he said "he was crap" but "he conquered!" Despite of multiple fall-offs, his enthusiasm and passion presented in contest won himself the crown. Well done, Rob. Hopefully more people will come out for this event next year -- just for the love of surfing.

Enjoy the video and have a crack!