This Workplace Ergonomics Infographic Describe Preventative Measures

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: blog.taskworld & designtaxi
This helpful workplace ergonomics infographic offers practical advice when it comes to your work environment and the tools you use. Created by New York-based Taskworld, the 20 tips are particularly relevant for those who work in a traditional office environment.

The main work tools the workplace ergonomics infographic are computers, chairs and repetitive movements. From keeping your computer monitor at eye level to drinking water regularly and keeping your nail length short, the tips range in topic but are all designed to increase your comfort level while at work. The outlined suggestions should also help to maximize your efficiency at the office and enhance your overall performance. Ergonomics are directly related to long term health, and can be used to prevent injuries such as eye strain, headaches, neck and back pain.