WordPress' Protect IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet Short is Telling

In light of recent anti-piracy bills, WordPress' Protect IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet video explains why these bills are more harmful than helpful. Using informational animation, WordPress goes through step-by-step visuals to explain the issue.

WordPress explains that these new laws allow the government to block certain domain names and gives it the ability to sue blogs, directories and search engines if they have links to any type of piracy site. The problem is that this won't actually stop anyone from downloading because they can still access the site by entering the IP address.

Protect IP/ SOPA will also cause social sharing sites like YouTube and Grooveshark to be put under a microscope because so many people upload music and videos to these sites. This means that these types of websites will have to "censor their users or get shut down since they become liable for everything users post," according to the video.

WordPress' Protect IP / SOPA video clearly explains the danger behind these anti-piracy bills and stresses the fact that people must take action against them.