Natasua Dusapin Photographs Her Pals for C-Heads

 - Aug 18, 2014
References: nastasiadusapin & c-heads
The recipe for this woodsy editorial, photographed by Natasia Dusapin, is simple: snowy mountains, a charming chalet in the forest and infinite silence.

Dusapin and her friends Eleonore Wismes, Margaux, Quentin Renaux, Charlotte Deniel and Benoit Renaux, ventured as high up into the mountains as they could, desperately trying to escape the confines of the city. They weren't disappointed when they reached their destination, with Dusapin reporting that they experienced "a complete sense of freedom."

We tend lose ourselves in the monotony of our everyday routine, and the only cure for this misplaced self syndrome is a change of pace and location. If the high altitude of the mountainside spot isn't enough to clear your head, then I don't know what will!