Wooden Popsicles are Inedible References to Delectable Desserts Passed

 - Sep 14, 2012
References: johnnyhermann & notcot.org
As scrumptious as they look, these Wooden Popsicles would not make a good snack. They're made of lumber and hence inedible and, in fact, the unusual items serve no practical purpose whatsoever!

Johnny Hermann (also known as Mauro Savoldi) intended it that way. These charming knickknacks are meant to be nostalgic references to the sweet days of yesteryear. Inspired by the simple timber stick that turned frozen juice into a fun and lickable dessert, the collection of eccentric pieces has been executed entirely in that material.

Different types of woods -- treated to a variety of cuts and accented with unique natural patterns -- have been further enhanced by coats of vibrant paint. The delicious candy colors of yellow, orange, red and teal give the Wooden Popsicles an aesthetic playfulness so that they're not as "wooden" as one might anticipate.