Unbelievable Unwearable Unmentionables That Are Meant to Be Seen

 - Jan 25, 2009
References: liviodemarchi & notcot.org
These lovely knickers on a string are carved out of wood, people! I really can’t believe the amazing art of Venetian artist Livio De Marchi. He makes the most unbelievable things out of wood. Flick through the picture gallery above to see for yourself. It really blew my mind.

I absolutely adore the lingerie, socks and bras hanging on the washing lines. And the shopping bag with the leaning umbrella. He has even done a dog and a golf bag, complete with clubs. Enough said; just enjoy De Marchi’s sculptural wood carvings, they are nothing short of genius.

The artist was born in Venezia and since he was a child he has been occupied with crafting ornamental sculptures. On his website you can see much more of his work, which even includes glass artworks.