This Decorative Wooden Character is Designed to Resemble Bigfoot

 - Nov 2, 2015
References: e15 & dezeen
New York designer David Weeks recently teamed up with the furniture brand 'e15' to produce a decorative wooden creature that resembles Bigfoot. As technology becomes more accessible for a younger audience, toy manufactures have increasingly added high-tech features to their products. This wooden toy demonstrates just how creative and imaginative tech-free toys can be.

The wooden character is called 'Mr B,' which references its resemblance to Big Foot. The toy is made from solid oak, which is held together with flexible textile bands. Although the toy is made from a solid material, it is capable of bending at its knees, wrists, neck and waist. When not in use, the 15 inch-tall toy can fold down into a compact cube for hassle-free storage.

The decorative wooden toy is perfect for those who still appreciate the simplicity of traditional toys.