The Orée 'Board 2' Wood Keyboard is Carved from a Single Piece of Walnut

 - Dec 10, 2015
References: & thegadgetflow
Brands like Apple have redefined the way consumers think about the design of technological items, so products like the Orée 'Board 2' Wood Keyboard are continuing to make waves with those looking for ornate aesthetics in their computer accessories.

Crafted from a single piece of premium walnut, the Orée 'Board 2' Wood Keyboard is available in two different stain variations and can connect to up to five different devices via Bluetooth at a time.

Different font carvings can also be chosen including such options as 'Fedra' and 'Mrs. Eaves.' While the Orée 'Board 2' Wood Keyboard itself is crafted from walnut, that doesn't stop the product from being somewhat soft; extensive sanding helps create a final product that will actually get even better with age as oils on users' hands soften the supple wood.