The Wonderland Magazine 'Bad Acid' Photoshoot Stars Sojourner Morrell

The fashion featured throughout the Wonderland Magazine 'Bad Acid' editorial may not be trippy, the photoshoot itself certainly is. It is filled with psychedelic colors, not to mention that model Sojourner Morrell appears to be completely stoned. Perhaps she is simply high on style. Clad in a slew of retro outfits, the loose fits and busy patterns scream the 70s.

The Wonderland Magazine 'Bad Acid' editorial was lensed by United Kingdom-based photographer AJ Numan. The American beauty was styled by fashion editor Julia Sarr-Jamois. Despite the fall weather, Sarr-Jamois doesn't shy away from using vibrant colors. Nevertheless, she does mute the bright reds and yellows with a lot of browns.

Appearing in the publication's September-October 2012 issue, the Wonderland Magazine 'Bad Acid' editorial will inspire women to add vintage flair to their wardrobes.