- Aug 4, 2014
Sprucing up traditionally monotone designs, these colorful biker looks are offering a more feminine take to rough and rugged biker apparel.

Moving away from the typical biker ensemble that consisted of black leather jackets and jeans, these colorful biker looks are incorporating more design and aesthetic appeal to enhance the overall look. Nowadays, bikers don't merely consist of older males, but rather younger men and women are choosing to cruise out into the sunset to enjoy the thrilling experience of the open road. With a more youthful demographic hitting the road on motorcycles, such a shift is being reflected in the biker culture as well, resulting in more youthful and flamboyant apparel pieces.

From studded leather jackets to hot pink outfits, these flamboyant biker looks will definitely turn heads on the highway.

From Marbled Biker Attire to Boho Rocker Lookbooks: