These Vibrant Wolf-Inspired Beer Labels Creativley Wrap Around the Bottle

British Columbia-based Driftwood Brewery turned to ad agency Hired Guns Creative for these impeccably detailed and wolf-inspired beer labels.

Adorned with several snarling wild wolves, the label for the 'Raised by Wolves IPA' was inspired by both the "untamed nature of yeast" and for the beer's "immediate connections to the wild." Tropical color hues were also chosen for the wolf-inspired label theme to match the seven percent craft brew's flavor profile -- featuring notes of mango, citrus and melon.

Perhaps most notable is the unique design is the label's shape around the bottle. The label starts square but quickly transforms into a detailed dieline green and black wolf head. The beer label then quickly shoots off into two additional orange wolves that wrap around the rest of the bottle for an eye-catching and excellently executed piece of branding.