The WKD Mixed Cocktails are Premixed and Ready to Enjoy

 - May 22, 2018
References: conveniencestore
Prepackaged food and drink have gained immense popularity amongst consumers who favor convenience, so brands are responding with new varieties like the WKD Mixed Cocktails to expand offerings.

The cocktails contain a 6% ANV and come in three flavor varieties including 'Cheeky V,' 'Oh Schnapp' and 'Passionista,' which are made with port, peach schnapps and rum, respectively. Each of the canned cocktails are targeted at consumers aged 18 to 24 in the UK and look to merge enticing flavors with convenience to offer shoppers the perfect option to enjoy.

The WKD Mixed Cocktails are brightly branded to make them highly visible on store shelves, while also being applicable for younger consumers who are enticed by trend-focused branded approaches.