The ARIES Pro is a User-Friendly Wireless HDMI Transmitter & Receiver

 - Sep 5, 2016
References: nyrius
As having cable television is just a memory for many consumers, the usefulness of having a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver is becoming increasingly more prevalent.

In order to appease this demand, the ARIES Pro from Nyrius was released. By using the device, consumers are able to cast the video from their laptop onto HDTV or a projector with a stunning 1080p quality -- making their viewing experience greatly enjoyable.

In addition to this, the wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver gets rid of the unsightly cables that would normally have to dangle from TVs -- swapping it for a sleek alternative. By making the whole concept more convenient, Nyrius' product can help consumers save money by eliminating cable as well, as the wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver make streaming programs more simple than ever before.