The Wintergatan Marble Machine by Martin Molin Sounds Like a Music Box

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: & thisiscolossal
The Wintergatan Marble Machine is an incredible invention that makes the most delightful music. Bringing to mind vintage music boxes that chime through a simple tune, it even works like one. The Wintergatan Marble Machine needs to be wound in order to produce its soothing sounds. Of course, it is much more complex. It's made up of 2000 marbles in addition to a vibraphone, bass, kick drum, cymbal and other instruments.

Created by Swedish musician Martin Molin, it was made entirely by hand and boasts 3,000 internal parts. It took about 14 months to build, but was worth all the time and effort. Nevertheless, This is Colossal writes, "Despite the extreme interest an oddity like the Wintergatan Marble Machine is bound to generate—especially on the internet—don’t expect to see it on tour anytime soon, as the contraption has to be completely disassembled to move it."