From All-Encompassing Bookshelves to Geometric Skull Thrones

 - Feb 28, 2016
These February 2016 furniture trends range from sculptural bookshelf units to geometric skull seats that embody an opulent air. Rejecting minimalism and subtlety, the month's furniture offerings promote self expression and eccentric design details.

Standouts include artist Phillip Estlund's collection of decoupaged chairs. Remixing a retro and simplistic design, Estlund covers fiber glass seating with botanical graphics and appeals to lovers of vintage home decor. Similarly, examples like HAROW's skull thrones and Sebastian Errazuriz' 'Bilbao' storage collection bring a whimsical theme to life. While HAROW's gilded lounge chair boasts a spooky skull shape, the Bilbao storage collection draws inspiration from nature and is inspired by branched forms.

Furthermore, these February 2016 furniture trends also include conceptual balloon tables and reclaimed log beds that illustrate the importance of artful and sustainable design details.