Bilbao by Sebastian Errazuriz Brings Nature into the Home

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: meetsebastian & mymodernmet
Bilbao by Sebastian Errazuriz is a bookshelf that belongs in the home of a woodland creature. Designed to look just like a bare tree, it branches to one side to provide level limbs to rest a number of objects on from actual books to home decor. Yet as practical as the design is, there is a whimsical energy about it that expresses the desire people have for furniture that does more than serve a single purpose.

Interestingly, Bilbao by Sebastian Errazuriz is made using actual branches. Yet since the material has been smoothed and given a black finish with a matte sheen, it looks more like a manmade sculpture. Modern and polished, in a way it is.