Rosemary's Remedy is a Drink That Will Get You Through the Winter

 - Dec 20, 2014
References: dave-draws & kitchenette.jezebel
David Antonio Perezcassar is a New York-based artist who mixes drinks, draws drawings and, occasionally, draws drawings about mixing drinks. Such is the case with his illustrations for Rosie's Remedy, a delicious winter cocktail that's sure to get you through the miserable season with a warm buzz.

Rosemary's Remedy is a delightful mix of Irish whiskey, rosemary syrup, ginger juice and the special ingredient, a clove-spiked lemon. To make your own rosemary syrup, simply boil water, sugar and rosemary until it dissolves into a sugary paste. To make a clove-spiked lemon, simply, to use Perezcassar's words, "stab cloves through lemons in bows" and then "slice bows into lemon wheels," which will then act as a decorative element to your drink.

The directions for the drink are accompanied by illustrations reimagining the 1943 'We Can Do It!' wartime propaganda poster. You, too, can get through the winter, you just may need a few drinks along the way!