The Wine Preserver Spray is Maintenance in a Can

 - Dec 1, 2013
References: fancy
Maintain your elegant wine after it's been opened with the Wine Preserver Spray. Maintenance has never been so simple and easy.

After a bottle of wine has been opened you struggle with the decision of whether or not you’re going to drink it all that day or within the short days to follow because non-preserved wine has to be somewhere near the top on the list of most horrible things in the world. The most efficient ways to store wine after its been opened is to displace oxygen with scent-free argon gas.This process was commonly used by professionals but can now also be used by wine enthusiasts. The Wine Preserver Spray contains enough gas in the little can to maintain up to 50 bottles of wine for two weeks each.

So crack open a can, pour yourself a glass and cheers to the long gone days of open wine bottle worries.