Stay Connected to Different PCs with Windows Live Essentials

 - Dec 21, 2010
References: microsoft
(SPONSORED) Picture this: You're visiting family for the holidays and dying to show them photos from your vacation in Mexico. You boot up your laptop, only to realize the photos are in a folder on the desktop at home.

The problem is that your digital life is everywhere. You have movies on your laptop, photos in your email inbox, and important work documents on a flash drive in that pair of jeans in the washing machine right now.

Windows Live Essentials for Windows 7 can help you solve this digital mess. When you're finished working on a masterpiece in Movie Maker, you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and SkyDrive. After uploading and editing photos in Photo Gallery, you can send them to Flickr (and many other sites) with just a click. And, Live Mesh will keep these files in sync between all your devices -- your laptop, desktop, and even your smartphone. So you'll have access to your creations no matter where you are.

So gather the family together and boot up your laptop. With Windows Live Essentials, your photos will be there, ready to share. Just remember to skip past the photos from that margarita-fueled beach party.