Microsoft Personifies Its New OS Windows Azure with Popular Characters

 - Nov 23, 2012
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Microsoft has an interesting take on their new marketing technique for the special edition of Windows 8 launched in Japan called Windows Azure.

Adapting to one of the most popular and signature items of the country, Microsoft utilizes anime to promote their new operating system, appealing to a younger crowd. The ad personifies multiple operating systems, using characters such as Cloud Girls and Nanami Madobe, who represents Windows 7 and is sister of Claudia Madobe, the personified Windows 8. To demonstrate their commitment to this ingenious idea, technical details regarding the Windows Azures new system have been illustrated in multiple pages over the form of manga, the Japanese comic books. Microsoft has gone so in depth with this technique that it has even created a Twitter account for Claudia Madobe, who already has over 8000 followers.