WilliamsGoldsmiths Pet Jewelry is “Purrr-fect"

It’s hard leaving your little furry friends at home when you go out and about, but with this WilliamsGoldsmiths pet jewelry, you can keep them close to your heart.

Jess and Brent Williams of WilliamsGoldsmiths have devised this genius product. Purchasers are supplied with a kit with which they make an imprint of their pet’s snout or paw. They then send it back to Jess and Brent, who use the imprint to create a custom-made jewelry creation.

WilliamsGoldsmiths pet jewelry is the "purrfect" present for friends who live for their pets.

Implications - Consumers are constantly attempting to express their individual styles. They seek products that are customizable or can be personalized to their tastes so that their values can be reflected to their peers. Companies can manufacture customizable products to appeal to this expressive target market.