Will Laren Illustrates Weird Characters in Peculiar Scenarios

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: willlaren.blogspot & booooooom
While looking at the drawings by Will Laren, you may experience feelings of strange dystopian confusion and wonderfully weird acceptance.

The artworks by Will Laren feature characters that look like a hybrid between a human and an ogre. In most of the drawings, the characters are doing completely random and even mundane daily activities such as reading the newspaper or sitting at the computer. What I find most perplexing about these drawings is that the characters are accompanied by a text blurb which makes very little sense. After reading the silly sounding paragraphs, I felt like I missed an inside joke but then I realized that might have been the point.

Random yet wonderfully silly, the drawings by Will Laren will have you shaking your head and wondering what on Earth is going on.