'Charlie's Whisky Clock' Features Notes from Whisky Expert Charles MacLean

 - Dec 11, 2017
References: kickstarter
Turnclock's 'Charlie's Whisky Clock' is meant to elevate the drinking experience by offering an easy place to consult whisky tasting notes from expert Charles MacLean.

The clock is designed to guide a whisky drinker throughout the entire tasting experience, beginning with describing the color, nose-feel and mouth-feel of whisky. A dial on the clock makes it possible for drinkers to pinpoint hundreds of different experiences, including medicinal, peaty and nutty.

As the tasting notes are set upon a clock, the final stage of the tasting process includes describing the development of the whisky flavors over time. As well as featuring tasting notes from Charlie himself, Charlie's Whisky Clock also features a signature from the whisky expert.