When Hip Hop And Ballet Collide

 - Jan 14, 2006
References: times.hankooki
While a typical breakdance battle sees two ``b-boy'' crews go up against each other, on one stage in Seoul a group of breakdancers is being challenged by a rather unusual opponent _ ballerinas.
In ``The Ballerina Who Fell in Love With a B-boy,''a local nonverbal stage performance currently on an open run at SJ B-boys Theater in Seoul, dancers pit the latest urban moves against the most delicate of pirouettes in various face-off scenes.

In one scene, the members of Gorilla Crew and Brooklyn Monkeys are constantly in motion, whether in midair executing a complex series of somersaults or on the dance floor spinning or snaking across the stage. The exception, of course, is the execution of a ``freeze,'' referring to the act of bringing all movement to a halt, usually done in such positions as a headstand or upside down with the support of just one hand. (KOREA TIMES, KOREA)