From B-Boy Menswear Lookbooks to Mainstream Krumping

 - Sep 12, 2010   Updated: Mar 30 2011
If you've always wanted to be a b-boy, you'll love these breakdancing innovations. Turf dance battles, krumping and Stormtroopers bustin' a move are all represented above. This underground subculture first gained popularity in the 80s, and it's inspired every industry from fashion to marketing. See these and more breakdancing innovations above.

Implications - It would be all too easy for business leaders to dismiss something like breakdancing as a simple fad limited to young people, but those that ignore this misguided temptation are the ones that have made the most of an enduring cultural phenomenon. Consumers below the age of 21 make up an increasingly dominant portion of the marketplace, so any business that chooses to ignore the things that represent their interests do so at their own peril.