The New WhatsApp Emoji Pack Includes Some Provocative Hand Gestures

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: techtimes & mashable
The new WhatsApp emoji let users convey a wider range of emotions using symbolic hand gestures.

Specifically, the app will now let users of the web-based texting and calling app send raised middle fingers and Vulcan salutes to their friends, enemies and unsuspecting relatives. Not only can WhatsApp emoji now officially be used to flip someone the bird via text, it can also be done in a racially diverse manner. The middle finger and Vulcan salute WhatsApp emoji come in different skin tones for maximum effectiveness. After all, if you're going to text someone an offensive symbol, you want it to look like it really came from you personally.

The modern texter uses emoji as a second language and brands are catching onto this, offering increasingly bold, ludicrous and unique symbols for emoji lovers to express themselves with.