What the Golf? Embraces Absurdity with a Nominally Golf-Based Experience

 - Mar 22, 2018
References: whatthegolf & engadget
Golf can certainly be the pinnacle of sporting drama in its finest moments, but it can also be the nadir of sporting boredom during its sleepier mid-season tourneys; 'What the Golf?' is a new golf-based video game that aims to supercharge the country club pastime.

It's important to describe What the Golf? as a "golf-based game" rather than as a "golfing game" outright. Within a moment of playing the game, that distinction becomes apparent. The game is only nominally related to golfing — though it technically tasks players with getting an object into a hole in as few strokes as possible, that's about where the similarities to the real-world sport end. What the Golf? sometimes uses a golf ball, but just as often will have players toss something insane like a miniature house, a horse, or the player themselves at the pin.