The 'What Hillary Whispered' Tumblr Mocks the Secretary of State

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: whathillarywhispered.tumblr
The 'What Hillary Whispered' Tumblr is a witty site that mocks the former First Lady and current Secretary of State.

After years of being in the spotlight with her widely recognized face, she is constantly photographed talking or whispering to others. Hence, the Tumblr What Hillary Whispered recognized this and hilarity has ensued. With tags such as "I also Dougie" in regards to a photo with Michelle Obama and "Yes I know. I have seen boobs before" to a fellow colleague, the laughs just keep coming. Additionally, a lot of the photos used are not very flattering of the politician.

The What Hillary Whispered Tumblr is a funny way to mock the political figure whether you are a fan of her or not.