'What Dogs Want' by Lisa Hanawalt is Accurate and Hilarious

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: thehairpin & thehairpin
If you're a dog owner, or you've spent some time around pups in your day, you're probably aware of the odd behavior and cravings that often overtake them, which is exactly what Lisa Hanawalt's 'What Dogs Want' comics aim to illustrate.

The Brooklyn-based artist created this 11-part comic as a sort of hilarious homage to the bizarre things man's best friend often does, like licking sweaty legs. The list of doggy demands includes things like, "A tennis ball bride," "A house made out of old fish," and perhaps the most hilarious of them all, "The dried, powdered urine of other dogs."

Not only are Hanawalt's drawings incredibly funny and true, they're also absolutely adorable, with tiny terriers and cute pugs popping up all over the comic. Be sure to check out What Dogs Want for your daily dose of the giggles!