- Dec 28, 2011
The romantic idea of sharing life with a partner sounds like paradise; however, the reality can be different, which is why these informative dating infographics present insightful data about the dating game.

These charts include all kinds of knowledge about the ups and downs of dating. From the ‘Why It’s Good to Be Single’ infographic to ‘Using Body Language to Be More Attractive’ infographic, these data banks explore the cost of dating, pick-up lines, recession-proof tips and couple chore stats, among others. For those who are single and looking for a significant other, these graphs show both the good and bad side of jumping into a love affair. For those already enjoying dating, these visually organized stats give them sound advice.

Love is not easy, which is why it’s wise to check out these informative dating infographics.

From Anti-Dating Infographics to Seductive Signalling Guides: