The West Coast Customs/ Microsoft 'Microstang' is a Sweet Ride

 - Mar 25, 2012
References: westcoastcustoms & gizmag
If you were to take the brains of a computer genius, mixed with the good looks and pure power of an all-star jock, you would get the West Coast Customs/ Microsoft 'Microstang.'

Modeled after a combination of the 1967 and 2012 Ford Mustang, the car really is a kick-ass collaboration of beauty and brains.

The two collaborators are each masters in their field, offering the best of both the tech and automobile worlds. The inside panel of the 'Microstang' is all touchscreen with an external PA system, cameras and all the smart phone applications one could shake a stick at built in.

A tablet on the passenger side uses Kinect cameras positioned outside of the car to live-stream video from the outside world while driving to serve as information or entertainment. Everything is completely intuitive and interactive and allows passengers to adjust multiple car functions such as lighting and the type of horn noise made by simply swiping the tablet.

The West Coast Customs/ Microsoft "Microstang" combines the sleek and powerful look of a Ford cult-classic and the tech-wizardry of a computer tech mecca to make a car that will really turn heads.