Wendy MacNaughton Illustrates Small Communities in Big Cities

 - May 19, 2011
References: wendymacnaughton & therumpus.net
Wendy MacNaughton is a San Francisco-based artist who developed an idea where she would illustrate a series of comics highlighting some of the cities smallest microcommunities. The series, entitled 'Meanwhile,' presents a humanizing insight into social communities, so small that the people in them may not even realize they're a subculture.

In her latest work from the series, 'The San Francisco Public Library,' Wendy MacNaughton's artwork displays the racial, economic and social differences in the people that visit the San Francisco Public Library on a daily basis. She extrapolates this diversity to explain how the San Francisco Public Library works as a perfect microcosm of the city. It is a city rich with life, culture and community. The library represents a free area where people from all walks of life sit next to one another with the sole goal of self-improvement and intellectual stimulation.