The Wellcome Exhibition Collects Things from the Public

 - Oct 11, 2010
The Wellcome Collection's new show is called ‘Things’ and serves as a call to update Henry Wellcome’s curious collection. Members of the public are invited to donate objects no bigger than their head to the show which will then go on display at least globally recognized institution with the tag line: "A Destination For The Incurably Curious."

Apart from a few exceptions (such as human remains), people can donate any object they wish as long as it's no bigger then your head. All of the objects are displayed on certain dates with the calendar viewable on the exhibitions website. People can also upload images to the 'Things' Flickr stream.

There is a real buzz around this show already, so I think it's fair to say it will be a massive success despite the fact we don't know what it will contain yet!