These Weeping Angels Will Guard Your Books and Keep You Awake at Night

 - Jan 17, 2014
References: & mightymega
The Weeping Angels are arguably one of the most frightening enemies ever seen on the cult hit TV series Doctor Who. The Weeping Angels are alien entities that disguise themselves as immobile angel statues. They are unable to move unless someone is looking away from them. These Weeping Angel bookends will perfectly support the materials on any bookshelf while simultaneously giving you nightmares.

The beautifully and accurately designed sculptures built with their own cemetery cross stands. Confronted by both the 10th and 11th Doctor, the Weeping Angels attack their enemies by stranding them out of their time, or outright snapping their necks when they are low on energy. As iconic as they are terrifying, these weeping angels bookends are a must-have for an hardcore Doctor Who fan or collector for Pop Culture memorabilia.