The WebMD App is a Handy Symptom Checker and Lifestyle Tracker

 - Jun 21, 2014
References: & mashable
With the introduction of the WebMD app, you'll now be saves from doing a lot of running to your computer every time you need an urgent diagnosis.

In addition to its popular Symptom Checker, the app also has features like First Aid Essentials and Medicine, designed to provide comprehensive physician-reviewed information on medical emergencies and prescriptions, supplements and vitamins, as well as their reported side effects and warnings.

Beyond this, the newly introduced app also includes Healthy Target and Healthy Living tools, designed to help users track and make improvements to their daily lifestyle choices. With the ability to connect to wearable devices, it will be interesting to see how the WebMD app is able to hold its own against the yet-to-be-released Apple's HealthKit, or how quickly the app is rendered useless by it.