This Frisbee is Rimmed With Dastardly Surgical Scalpels

 - Aug 18, 2015
References: youtube & toyland.gizmodo
Joerg Sprave has created some pretty insane and crazy objects before, but this weaponized frisbee might be the scariest, most ridiculous and most awesome thing he's created yet.

This frisbee is certainly not designed to be flung around on the beach, unless you have some very truly nefarious intentions. The frisbee is rimmed with four truly devious-looking surgical scalpels -- so sharp that they're likely to leave you requiring surgery should you throw one of these around without being exceedingly careful.

Now you may ask why someone would invent something like this, and the answer is quite simple -- it's a great deal of fun. Sprave hasn't exactly outlined if he believes that there are any wider implications to this weaponized frisbee, but there's no doubt it makes for a badass toy.