WE Architecture's New Project Gives Sheltered Dogs a Chance

 - May 15, 2018
References: archdaily
Animal shelters tend to be dreary, depressingly designed institutions, so WE Architecture's new canine shelter concept aims to make those space more appealing for both dogs and the people who might ultimately adopt them. The new shelter, which the firm has designed to be built in the countryside beyond Moscow, will be a single-story pavilion separated by pergolas that house the various breeds.

Beyond the humane implications of building a more healthful kennel, WE Architecture hopes that the building will contribute to an increased level of adoption for shelter dogs. Since the shelter space will also include plenty of public relaxation space for people, it has the potential to serve as a community area that citizens will visit in the same way they'd go to the park. This in turn makes people more likely to pick up the happy dogs that are kept in the shelter.

Image Credit: WE Architecture