R&R's Wax Canvas Bag is a Stylish Accessory for the Military Minded

 - May 14, 2013
References: defybags
For those men who consider themselves stylish gentlemen with inclinations for action, R&R's demure wax canvas bag is ideal.

That's because this wonderful accessory is inspired by the look of the Israeli Defence Force's standard issue field duffle bag. The great thing about R&R's design is that this wax canvas bag carries some serious visual swag appeal while also including the many perks of durability that authentic military fatigue brings along.

In the case of this wax canvas bag, the details are what make this product truly unique. The bag comes equipped with a Martexin wax canvas twill exterior purported to provide a "ballistic strength structure." Available in a design capable of supporting 18oz, it's safe to say that R&R has done a great and fashionable job at combining military standard materials with fashionable style.