Ecolove Soy Wax Candles are Themed After European Experiences

The Ecolove soy wax candles take a subtle approach to creating a relaxing experience by highlighting the natural essence that each product aims to deliver. With branding designed by the M&A creative agency, the Ecolove candles are monochromatically packaged to maintain a strong sense of simplicity.

Each of the Ecolove candles is scented with a European inspiration ranging from Mediterranean Herb, to Baltic Amber and everywhere in between. Each candle is created using natural soy wax and 100% vegetable fragrances that aren't synthetic like what can be found in traditional scented candles.

Consumer preferences are shifting towards favoring experiences over things like flavor or scent, which has seen an increase with a variety of artisanal products on a global scale. The Ecolove soy wax candles are an example of this and how brands are responding to a growing demand for products that conjure ideas of simplicity and exoticism.