The Unnurella Boasts Superior Water Resistance to Keep Everything Dry

Isn't every umbrella a waterproof umbrella? No, apparently! The proof is in the way that raindrops seem to embed themselves in the fabric of your rainy day accessory, constantly seeping wetness onto anything that it touches, even once you've taken shelter indoors.

From Doog Design, Kazuya Koike created this handy product for World Party using material that's exceptionally densely woven, preventing the absorption of H2O. Spring showers really do become like water off the duck's back.

The waterproof umbrella––the Unnurella––comes in a long cane model and a compact collapsible one, for the convenience of different users. With so much rain protection gear available on the market, it's products like these that go above and beyond to set themselves apart to impress consumers.