These Waterproof Books are Perfect to Bring to the Beach or Read in the Tub

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: bibliobath & kickstarter
Jasper Jensen has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the process of creating waterproof books. Jensen has created a line of books called 'Biblobath' that cannot be damaged by any liquid. The books are made with synthetic paper that allow users to read great books without worrying about ruining the paper with water.

The Kickstarter campaign will allow Jensen to create a line of books containing written work from Mark Twain, Shakespeare and W. B. Yeats. These books filled with short stories, poetry and plays will allow readers to unplug from technology and simply enjoy a classic piece of literature.

These waterproof books are the perfect companion for unwinding in the bathtub or relaxing on the beach with. The ultimate goal is to continue and expand the works published with Bibliobath.