Haoshi Design Creates an Artistic Time-Teller that is Visually Striking

 - May 10, 2016
References: haoshi.tw & fubiz.net
The Waterbird Clock may tell the time, but it can be confidently be said that people will be just as happy with it once the batteries are dead. More an art piece than anything else, it hangs on the wall like a little window that shows a surreal scene of nature just outside. After all, water is not usually black nor the sky pure white.

Designed by Taiwan-based studio Haoshi Design, the Waterbird Clock comes in three different variations, each depicting three different bird species. Although the sculptural design of the Waterbird Clock is visually striking enough, the red hand that symbolizes the birds' synchronized heartbeats on the rhythm of the seconds stands out even more. Overall, there is something beautifully poetic about the design as a whole that people will fall in love with.