Lisbon's Water Museum Reflects Its Subject Matter in a Design That Flows

The Water Museum in Lisbon is a stunning new tribute to the natural and manmade systems that regulate our water. Designed by P-06 Atelier, the awe-inspiring museum interior boasts a dark blue floor illuminated by glowing blue display fixtures, while a mirrored ceiling opens up the space and provides a disorienting yet gorgeous affect to the space.

The permanent exhibition is designed to follow the flow and movement of a watercourse, with each element of the intricately detailed space in some way mimicking the shape or other qualities in their design. An example of this is the display fixtures, which almost appear to take on the form of bodies of water on a map.

The visually stimulating nature of the Water Museum's permanent exhibit is targeted children and adolescents, although adults will surely find themselves equally as mesmerized by the space.