The 'Water in Zero Gravity' Video by Nasa is Out of This World

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: youtube & physicscentral
An interesting video has come to surface that examines experiments with Water in Zero Gravity. The physics of water are put to the test aboard the International Space Station as an astronaut plays with the water sphere.

Dr. Don Pettit is a astronaut and chemist who performs experiments and demos on board the space station in zero gravity. He calls the spheres of water 'Astro Puffs' and his series of experiments involve using a syringe to put puffs of air and water onto a dormant water sphere.

Throughout the experiments, Don Pettit becomes increasing enthusiastic with each puff of air, routinely shouting out "cool" and "look at that" in an almost comedic orgasmic manner. The water is held in shape by an iron rode and surface waves are applied to the outside of the sphere, and body waves go through the middle of the sphere to create this interesting effect.